Journalists & Correspondents

Maishah Hendrix



Founded by Maishah Hendrix, Asanteworks Public Relations brings over three decades of experience in public relations, artist development and event planning. After honing her PR experience with First Priority Music where she helped promote Audio 2, MC Lyte, The Alliance of MCs and Positive K, Maishah worked as a music journalist for a number of publications before working with her mentor Angelo Ellerbee, founder and CEO of Double XXPosure Public Relations. Under his guidance she assisted in coordinating networking and media relations for Antonio Fargas, Brenda K. Starr and Sybil to name a few.

In the media, she has worked Capital Hill reporter, investigative journalist ans entertainer writer. She has been Published in the Amsterdam News, Washington Afro, Essence Magazine, Village Voice and Urban Ink among other publications.

Rachel Toy




Rachel's passion for writing  progressed in college when she wrote stories on local bands and musicians at SUNY New Paltz where she got my bachelors degree in journalism and public relations. 

She grew up on Long Island and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. Her specialties include subjects to write about are music and unheard of stories, and writing for  The Ryan Show News allows her to do both. 

Mac Daddy


Sports Writer


 Nick "MacDaddy" Mac is 30 years old and grew up in Sag Harbor, New York. He is the founder of "MacDaddySports" , a blog, opinion and news site written by Nick, covering any and all things NFL, NBA, MLB, and UFC. 

What separates Nick from the rest of the writers out there is the sheer passion and emotion that bursts out of the page with every written word. His passion and love for the sports in which he covers runs so deep within him that his ability to draw personal connection to a variety of topics, athletes, coaches and other aspects of the game and put that into words puts him over the top and headed toward a bright future within the realm of writing and reporting. 

Nick grew up a diehard NY Yankees, NY Giants and Dallas Mavericks fan, but his knowledge and fandom does not stop there. His ability to discuss the ins and outs of each team/competitors in the league's he covers is unmatched and inferior to none.

Nick currently resides in Camrose, Alberta, Canada with his wife, Tina and their 3 Kids Cash, Aria, and Lyrik. His love for sports is only exceeded by the love he has for his family and he devotes all of his time to caring and providing for them when he's not running Mac Daddy Sports.