Cast & Crew

On air

Ryan Verneuille


  a Hampton's sushi chef turned talk show host. Since Ryan founded The Ryan Show in 2015 he has gone on to interview countless legends in the entertainment industry.  In 2018 The Ryan Show FM was first aired on 98.1 FM in Boston and has since syndicated to over 50 radio stations. 

Mr. Cheeks


  Simply "Google him"... Mr. Cheeks spearheaded a lasting movement in Jamaica, Queens and is still building his already established legend. After beginning his hip hop legacy as the front man of Lost Boyz he went on to lead a successful career as a solo artist. He then won Grammys with the Marley's in the 00's and created the strip club theme song, "Lights, Camera Action".

Hamptons Dave


formerly known as David Locascio, a high school basketball legend on the east end of Long Island. After years of living a life that would make a celebrity jealous hes earned the right to hone the title "Socialite". Since the ripe age of 14 he has found himself rubbing shoulders with giants in the entertainment business. In 2015 he became the co host of The Ryan Show Podcast

Kristy Vera



Kristy Vera is spreading the word across New York City. You can catch her stand-up shows all over the east coast particularly in the NYC area. For the past year Kristy has been corresponding on site at different trending events throughout the country. Hear more of her segments on The Ryan Show FM

Sam Garnes


Sam Garnes is a former professional American football defensive back.

He was selected by the New York Giants in the 5th round of the 1997 NFL Draft. A native of the Bronx, Garnes is an alumnus of John Philip Sousa Junior High School located in the Edenwald section of that borough.[1] Garnes currently resides in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

In 2011, Garnes became an assistant secondary coach for the Denver Broncos. He joined the Chicago Bears' coaching staff as an assistant secondary coach in 2015. In 2019 Sam Joined up with The Ryan Show FM to take on the role of Sports Analyst.

DJ K Bliss


 Watching her mom get ready for a fun night on the town by listening to the latest grooves dancing and smiling, is how DJ K Bliss began to equate music to happiness. Calling Florida, Massachusetts, and Brooklyn all home at different points in her life DJ K Bliss' musical style is just as broad as the places she’s previously called home. Her fusion of Hip Hop and R&B, Funk, Soul, Top 40, underground and EDM, make her DJ sets a non-stop good time. With "Music is Bliss" as her motto, DJ K Bliss works to give the world a moment to connect to experience happiness within their day.