About Us

The Host

Ryan Verneuille, Creator & Host: is a retired sushi chef turned talk show host. After years of working menial jobs he decided it was time to take the bull by the horns.

The Crew

On Mic: Mr. Cheeks, Lorena Sarria, Hamptons Dave

Production Team:  Matt Rojano, Brian Blekicki, Kelly Walsh

House Band: J. Anthony Brown, Tamen Hade

House D.J.: K Bliss

Video Production: William Yennie

Art Direction/Marketing: Joe Denny, Kelley Redmond, Yussif Abdul Jalil

The Show

Jokes, Music, Celebrities and more. There is always something happening on Monday night. The Ryan Show presents to you its own unique style of vaudeville between our talk-show and our "Afterparty" open mic for performing artists.