About Us

The Cast

Ryan Verneuille, Creator & Host: is a retired sushi chef turned talk show host. After years of working menial jobs he decided it was time to take the bull by the horns. In 2015 he created a comedy podcast at a Hampton's sushi restaurant. The rest is history!

Hamptons Dave, Socialite & Cohost: a high school basketball legend on the east end of Long Island. After years of living a life that would make a celebrity jealous hes earned the right to hone the title "Socialite".

Mr. Cheeks, Musician & Cohost: Simply "Google him"... Mr. Cheeks spearheaded a lasting movement in Jamaica, Queens and is still building his already established legend. He won Grammys with Lost Boyz back in the 90's and created the strip club theme song, "Lights, Camera Action" back when the boys were in middle school. 

The Crew

Hosted by: Ryan Verneuille, Hamptons Dave & Mr. Cheeks

Production Team:  Kelly Walsh,  Matt Rojano, Earl Anderson, Yussif "Yussif" Abdul-Jahlil

House Band: Tamen Hade & Jay Anthony Brown

House D.J.: K Bliss

Art Direction/Marketing: Kelley Redmond

The Show

Jokes, Music, Celebrities and more. There is always something happening on Monday night. The Ryan Show presents to you its own unique style of vaudeville between our talk-show and our "Afterparty" open mic for performing artists. Interesting guests and celebrities join the cast for live bar-side interviews and entertainment in between.

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